Changing the face of American Theatre

General/Related BOOKS

*Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung

*The Wretched of The Earth - By Frantz Fanon

*J.Edgar Hoover: The Man and the secrets – by: Curt Gentry

* Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the flak catchers – by: Tom Wolf

*The Seven Storey Mountain by: Thomas Merton

* Prison Writings: My life is my Sun Dance - LEONARD PELTIER - Edited by: Harney Arden

*TIME: AMERICA: An illustrated Modern History 1900-2007 – by: TIME Magazine

*The Timetables of American History – Edited by: Laurence Urdang

* A People’s History of the United Sates 1492 to Present – by: Howard Zinn

* SNAPSHOT USA: Society & Values – by: Journal USA, US Dept. of State * Bureau on Intl. information Programs

*The Assassination of Fred Hampton – by: Jeffrey Haas

*Panther: A pictorial history of the Black Panther and the story behind the film – by: Mario Van Peebles, Ula Y. Taylor, & J. Tarika Lewis

*Free Huey! - by: Edward M. Keating

*Eldridge Cleaver: Post Prison Writings & Speeches – Edited by: Robert Scheer

BPP related BOOKS

*Seize The Time: The Story of The Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton - by: Bobby Seale

*The Huey P. Newton Reader - Edited by: David Hilliard and Donald Weise

*Target Zero: Eldridge Cleaver - Edited by: Kathleen Cleaver

*The Black Panther: The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas

*The Black Panthers Photographs by Steven Shames

*BLACK PANTHERS 1968 – By: Howard L. Bingham

*The Black Panther Party [Reconsidered] – Edited by: Charles E. Jones

*The Black Panther Intercommunal News Service 1967-1980 – Edited by: David Hilliard

*This Side of Glory: The Autobiography of David Hilliard and the Story of The Black Panther Party – by: David Hilliard and Lewis Cole

*Want to Start a Revolution?: Radical Women in the Black freedom Struggle - by: Dayo Gore, Jeanne Theoharis, Komozi Woodard

* Soul on Ice - By: Eldridge Cleaver

*The Greatest Threat: The Black Panther Party & COINTELPRO - by: Marshall Edward Conway

*The Black Panthers - By: Gene Marine

* Marshall Law: The life & Times of a Baltimore Black Panther - by: Marshall "Eddie" Conway and Dominque Stevenson

*FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose - by: M. Wesley Swearingen

*Angela Davis: An Autobiography - by: Angela Davis

* The Rose that grew from concrete Tupac Shakur

*In Struggle: SNCC & the Black Awakening of the 1960's - by: Clayborne Carson

*Long Time Gone: A black Panther's true life story of his hijacking and 25 years in Cuba - by: William Lee Brent

*Murder in the Model City: The Black Panthers, Yale, & the redemption of a killer - by: Paul Bass and Douglas W. Rae.

*Framing The Black Panthers - by: Jane Rhodes

*Black Power: Radical Politics & African American Identity - by: Jeffrey O. G. Igbar

*The Black Radical Imagination - by. Robin D.G. Kelley

*Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson - Forward by: Jonathan Jackson, Jr.

*Liberated Territory: Untold local perspectives on the Black Panther Party - Edited by: Yohuru Williams & Jama Lazerow

*Living for the city: Migration, Education, and the rise of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, CA – by: Donna Jean Murch

*ASSATA: An Autobiography – by: Assata Shakur

*The Shadow of The Panther - by: Hugh Pearson

* Party Music: The inside story of the Black Panther's Band and How Black power Transformed Soul Music - by: Rickey Vincent

*Black Against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party - Joshua Bloom & Waldo E. Martin, Jr.

YLP related BOOKS

* PALANTE: Young Lords Party – by: Michael Abramson

*We took the Street --by Mickey Melendez

*The Young Lords: A Reader --by Darrel Enck-Wanzer

*Want to Start a Revolution?: Radical Women in the Black freedom Struggle
By: Dayo Gore, Jeanne Theoharis, Komozi Woodard

*Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America --by: Juan Gonzales

*Roll Down Your Window: Stories from a forgotten America - by: Juan Gonzalez

*Puerto Rican Obituary - by: Pedro Pietri

*The Masses are Asses - by: Pedro Pietri

*[Dissertation] Radicals in the late 1960s: A history of the Young Lords Party in New York City, 1969-1974 – by Johanna L. del C. Fernandez

*Living in Spanglish by: Ed Morales

*Puerto Rico’s revolt for independence: El Grito de Lares – by: Olga Jimenez de Wagenheim

*The Puerto Ricans: A documentary History – Edited by: Kal Wagenheim & Olga Jimenez de Wagenheim

*Pay to the order of Puerto Rico – by: Alexander Odishelidze

*Reproducing Empire: Race, Sex, Science, U.S. Imperialism in Puerto Rico – by: Laura Briggs

*Puerto Rico in the American Century: A History since 1898 – by: Cesar J. Ayala & Rafael Bernabe
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