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BLUE SUITE (a.k.a. EYEWITNESS BLUES) eb18_byjoanmarcus
Written By: Mildred Ruiz & Steven Sapp
Directed and Developed by Chay Yew

Performed by: Mildred Ruiz, Steven Sapp & Maurice Turner
Blue Suite
is an affecting portrait of artists and the vibrant culture, traditions, and personal experience they bring to their work. When Junior, a hard-luck horn player prepares to play his instrument, his Duende appears and suddenly his life unfolds in a series of provocative vignettes told through a stirring mix of jazz, flamenco, blues and poetry. Led by his “Duende”, Junior is forced to confront his own mystery. Here, they battle to the death as Jazz idly argues its own existence. Utilizing Lorca’s Flamenco Duende and summoning Miles Davis’ “Sketches of Spain”, Blue Suite takes us on an internal journey, where art lays at the balance as passion fades.

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